Jerry Shelton


“I really don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t obsessed with graphic design, art and making things.”


While I was a student at Lubbock Christian University I had a variety of part-time and summer jobs. From working at a sawmill, and making pizza, to selling radio advertising and working as a designer for a small town advertising newspaper. I graduated in 1983 with a BA in communications and I have been in advertising and marketing my entire career. If you are interested in the details my resume is available for download.

I married Carla and we have two grown children who have their own marketing and communications business. [ ]

In addition to graphic design I like to fancy myself a bit of a maker. When I’m working in my studio or in my workshop I am very at home.

Nice words from people I really appreciate

“Jerry is a credit to his profession, his company and his friends.
He is without a doubt, the most level-headed, centered advertising professional I know. He's a talented graphic artist with a true gift for communication. He is a true joy to work with.”

Gary BainOwner, Gman Creative

“Jerry is an admirable supervisor. He challenges, supports, encourages, and inspires excellence while creating a cohesive, productive work environment. I am blessed to have worked for and with Jerry.”

Russ HornPresident at CoNetrix

“We get to deal with some wonderful advertising talent in our role as vendor / partner with supermarkets around the country. I can honestly say that Jerry is one of the most talented Advertising Directors that we work with. And he is a very fine guy to boot. It is an honor to get to work with he and his team. Our people have never had a cross word to say about Jerry and that says a lot.”

Galen WaltersOwner at Bent Pencil Group

“Jerry is the most talented designer that I know. His experience in design is a perfect complement to his role as the Director of Advertising. Jerry is a great leader and teacher who works well with others and is always encouraging and positive.”

Luke ReegerDirector Technology & Visual Design at Texas Tech University System - Facilities Planning & Construction

“Jerry is a great designer. With his knowledge, I have learned so much from him that I choose to refer to him as a mentor not just a friend, or even client for that matter. His ideas are always creative and his experience in the industry is second to none. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Bart O'DellAward Winning & Published Identity Design Specialist

Southern New Mexico = inspiration.

My homeland will always be dear to my heart.